Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Emma's 6th Birthday

Today would’ve been Emma’s 6th Birthday.  It’s been 7 ½ months since she passed away and I miss her like crazy.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of her.   The string cheese is still in the freezer and I still get a lump in my throat when I wash a small load of laundry.  I no longer walk to her food dish though, and I no longer call her name out of habit when I’m calling Meeko and Jazzy. That's an accomplishment right?    

It's really been difficult trying to remain focused on the positive when her life was taken so suddenly by this terrible disease.  The most important thing though, is that Emma's story is being seen and that is wonderful.  Several people have sent me an email while stumbling upon this blog after searching for “PDE”.  Each person lets me know how valuable the information is.  Most had recently lost their Pug to PDE and needed someone to talk to in their time of sorrow.  Her story is being read and that is exactly what I wanted because I believe that education is the key. 

I’ve also received emails from breeders wanting to know if I was interested in a Pug puppy.  When I receive an email like that, I automatically respond back to ask them if they test for the susceptibility to PDE.  Most of them don’t even have a clue what it is or that it’s even available!  Some don't even respond which leads me to believe that they don't, why else wouldn't they answer my question?  I let them know the test and give them the link to my blog.  At least I do my part to try to educate and give them the information.  What they do with it is completely up to them. 

No, I’m not ready for another Pug.   I have many different reasons and I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready.   People tell me that it will happen when the timing and moment is right, I’m just not too sure about that.  I can’t deny that when I see a Pug in rescue or look at Pug puppy photos that I don’t think about it.   That’s just the Pug Lover in me!

I hope you enjoy the photos of Emma when she was a baby. 

                                                                  Little Baby Emma
                               I love this one, it's like she's saying "No more pictures!"

                                                   Emma loved to Woo Woo!


  1. I just can't get over the cuteness in these photos. Thanks so much for sharing them. Wish I didn't know how you feel and although I wish neither one of us the pain we live with, it is on some level comforting to know that we aren't alone in our sadness. Big hugs.