Thursday, July 12, 2012

My next post was going to be about Emma as a baby...

Until I found out that another Pug crossed the Rainbow Bridge early this morning.  Shirley’s Gina slipped away early this morning.  She was a Pacific Pug Rescue.  Lois was her foster mom, twice.  My heart is breaking for Shirley and her husband, as well as Lois.

I don’t know how Pug Fosters do it.  It can be the most rewarding and enjoyable experience, but the most difficult at times.  It takes a special kind of person to have Pugs come into your life, almost always nursing it back to health, gaining its trust and confidence, spending so much dedicated time to it when it needs it the most, knowing that you will have to let it go once its forever home is found.  Fostering a Pug isn't for everyone. 

I know that it isn't for me, at least not at this point in my life.  Especially in my fragile state.  I’d want to keep every single one that came to me.  I know that I cannot do that, so I will do what little I can by continuing my volunteer status by performing home visits and the occasional transport in my area. 

Today, I salute all Pug Fosters and those who open their hearts and homes to adopting rescues!  You are amazing people and you are appreciated.  Your unconditional love for the Pug and willingness to do all you can for them is admirable.   

Please consider becoming a volunteer for a Pug rescue in your area.  You'd be surprised at what all is needed with beng a rescue organization.  Any and all help is appreciated, even if it's only to volunteer your time to help set up and take down for fundraisers or other events.  It all matters, volunteers are what makes it work!       


  1. Well said Mindy. Here's to Pug rescue and all of the wonderful volunteers!

  2. You are absolutely right that it isn't for everyone, and that is okay. In my rescue, we'd much rather you work with your skills than feel guilty for not fostering. You have to figure out if you can do emotionally and you have to figure out how your current family, two and four legged, will handle it. There will be a point when I can't foster, when Isabelle is too fragile to handle more stress. I'm getting there, but not there yet.

    We thank you for doing what you can to help pugs. We need every reference check, home visit and transport. It takes all of us to get these pugs into good homes.