Friday, April 5, 2013

Scammer Alert & Help Needed!


I emailed a few breeders Tuesday evening to inquire as to whether or not they test for PDE susceptibility. Even though I am not considering adding another Pug to my life right now, I want to know for the future. I received one response Wednesday morning, but it did not answer my question. I replied back with the question again and answered the breeders questions. Today I received a reply and it was a scam trying to get me to send money in advance to ship a "puppy" from Virginia to Washington State! This really pisses me off. He even sent 3 photos of "Jenny" the puppy.  There were so many inconsistencies in his email.  Can you imagine how many people are being scammed using this technique?  So irritating!
What an awful thing to do and to play on someone's heartstrings! Stupid jerk. What's really strange about it is that they ask the appropriate questions that breeders ask. I honestly believed that it was legit and he was being for real he said he lived in Virginia and needed payment to ship a puppy to me!  I hadn't even told him that I wanted a puppy.   FYI - The person and his email is Dean Igsler <>
2)    On to what I need help with and I just know I can count on my Pug Friends! I'm trying to win an iPad2 and doggie treats!!!! I need your votes! You can vote by clicking on link below and then "like" it. Please "like" Whole Life Pet Products page as well! THANK YOU!!!! I only have 34 votes and the one in first place has over 200. It doesn't end until 4/12 so we have plenty of time :)